Speaking Out…Spreading Hope…and Walking In Faith


-Arden Brewer

“Be still and simply listen, for what Beth Purdy will have to say will change you. Her humanity, honesty, pain, and words will not let you go. And hopefully, in turn, your empathy will grow for those who navigate depression and mental illness. Beth is a gift and treasure for us all.”
-Warren Sepkowitz, Head of Middle School, Charlotte Country Day School

“To look at Beth or talk to her, you would never know she has suffered in any way. She is lovely, bright, outgoing, funny, articulate and lives with a mental illness that has come close to taking her life. She was brave and gracious enough to share her story with us, and that hour in the Blue Room Sunday was one of the most holy I have spent at Christ Church. Beth felt called by God to tell her story; those of us there felt blessed by God to hear it.”
The Reverend Lisa Saunders, Christ Episcopal Church Charlotte, NC 

“Beth Purdy speaks from the heart. She also speaks the truth. It’s her very personal story of living with mental illness, told with remarkable candor, tremendous insight, even a delightful sense of humor. It’s a story that helps, sharing straight-forward advice that may save your life, or the life of a loved one. And it’s a story of hope that heals, dispels myths and creates understanding, helping all of us cast aside the stigmas about mental illness that prevents far too many seeking treatment.”
Ken Gepfert, a former editor for the Wall Street Journal and Charlotte Observer 

“Charlotte’s Beth Purdy is a voice to be heard in the deepening conversation on mental illness. She has faced the challenges of bipolar disorder, panic attacks and other dimensions of the disease. She has navigated the often winding path of medicines and treatment. Now, through the gift of telling her story through public speaking and writing, she has become a passionate missionary for the cause of reminding people they are not alone.”
-Ken Garfield, Myers Park United Methodist Church, Charlotte, N.C.

“Beth shines light on her daily walk with bipolar and in the process she breaks down misconceptions and shatters stigmas associated with mental illness. She is living her truth and stepping out in faith to offer support and hope to all those affected by this disease. She is funny,warm, engaging and incredibly giving- do not miss an opportunity to connect with Beth Purdy!”
-Anna Scott, Educator at Charlotte Country Day School

“Beth was the first person we heard speak publicly about the challenges and possibilities of living with mental illness. We have heard her several times since and remain grateful for her candor, courage, and grace in addressing this issue. Her authentic and sincere words have helped normalize the conversation around mental illness and have inspired many that there is Hope.”
– Betsy and Bill Blue, Co-Founders of HopeWay 

“Beth Purdy is one of my heroes and she has moved graciously and elegantly into an arena of mental illness which all too often is characterized by silence. Beth speaks without apology, without ‘playing the victim card’ and without self aggrandizement. It’s not some prettied-up story. It’s real, gallant, noble, life-long. Her story opens channels for others to voice their experiences with mental disorders and lessens the likelihood of the isolation and exhaustion which often accompanies mental illness.”
The Reverend Verdery Kerr, Christ Episcopal Church Charlotte, NC

“Beth believes that all things are possible through faith, family and love. Her powerful mind and joyful heart allow her to share her story of mental illness. She dispels the myth that those who struggle cannot live a full, purposeful, and enriching life. She embraces the world around her and continually shares an uplifting life perspective with everyone she encounters.”
-Marty Williams, Community Leader and Volunteer, Charlotte, NC

“Mental health wellness is an extremely important part of our lives. We can’t properly align our hearts and souls until we are healthy in all parts of our bodies, especially our minds. Beth’s advocacy for mental health is a testament to her faith and passion.”
Anne Neilson, Artist and Owner, Anne Neilson Fine Art Gallery

“HopeWay is passionate about providing top notch, evidence-based mental health
care to men and women, and we are committed to leading conversations about mental illness that help lessen the stigma associated with these neuro-biological diseases. Beth Purdy is a gift to the Charlotte community through her courage and willingness to openly share her journey and advocate for how individuals can live well with mental health challenges.”
-Dr. Alyson Kuroski-Mazzei, HopeWay CEO and Chief Medical Officer

“As someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my life, Beth’s speech touched my heart. It was as if she knew and understood what I had been feeling for so many years but could never say out loud.”
Arden Brewer, Artist originator, Emmanuel Concepts LLC. 

“Beth has a very welcoming and compassionate spirit. She has this wonderful way of putting everyone she meets at ease, whether speaking on mental illness in a formal setting or saying hello to someone at the grocery store. Her determination to reach people who may be coping with similar struggles is truly inspiring.”
-Mary Neal H. 

“Friendship with Beth Purdy is a true gift and it has been my privilege to walk beside her for part of her journey. Beth is a fierce advocate in the battle for mental health issues. She has tirelessly spoken, written, and shared her personal story without embarrassment or fear in hopes of supplying encouragement to others in need. Her desire to walk in God’s light and seek the truth is inspirational. I have no doubt that her words will be a blessing to you or someone you know.”
-Nicole A.